Rudolph Diesel designed diesel engine in 1894 to run on peanut oil

“The use of vegetable oils for

    engine fuels may seem

    insignificant today. But such

    oils may become in the

    course of time as important as

    petroleum and the coal tar

    products of the present time.”


At NW Michigan Biodiesel we believe the future is today!



NW Michigan Biodiesel was founded on the belief that people and the environment matter just as much as profit.  Too often personal integrity is lost or masked in businesses profit motivation; the idea that if profit is maintained everything else will fall into place.  Although the company is highly motivated to succeed, NW Michigan Biodiesel rejects the idea that profit is the only motivation.  The company was formed with the idea that the planet cannot sustain itself in the current mode and that it is important to demonstrate that there is another way.  That by looking at the larger picture, the people of the planet can come together to support a sustainable future for the planet.

The goal of NWMB is to provide sustainable, renewable, advanced biofuels for local consumption processed from local food waste material.  

​Biodiesel is traditionally produced from methanol, a petrolieum product.  The company is working on using ethanol made from locally sourced wastes, replacing the non-renewable aspect of production.  This would make the biodiesel made at NWMB the most sustainable biodiesel made in the USA!

Northwest Michigan Biodiesel